Does the Rega Apollo R CD player run hot

My Rega Apollo R gets warm when it is playing a CD and the discs are warm when I take them out. Is this normal for this player?
Hi, Bob: My Apollo doesn't run hot but it can get warm after playing several CDs in quick succession. I'll pay attention to how warm it gets the next time I play CDs and let you know.


PS: Is the location of the Apollo well-ventilated? Or is it above a hot-running amp?
Thanks Tom!

Yes, it is sitting on a table about 12 inches away from the amp so I think the ventilation is OK. It's OK for the first 30 minutes but then it starts to heat up.

I finally remembered to check the temperature of my Apollo after playing several CDs and found that the top of the case and lid was slightly warm. The CD was less so. One thing I wonder about is that the original Apollo, which is what I have, has a larger case and may do a better job of venting the heat generated by the transport and built-in DAC circuitry. But that's pure speculation.

Hopefully someone with an Apollo-R will reply.