Does the Quality of the USB cable matter?

I have a Squeezebox Touch connected to my Laptop via a 50 ethernet cable.
Also connected to my laptop is an external 1TB hardrive that my music is stored on via a 5 meter USB cable.

With this set up, does the quality of the USB Cable matter ?
Thanks all for the reponses.
I just had to test this cable question for myself so I ordered a 5 meter USB from DH Labs based on the latest review in Postive feedback. This DH cable also has a shield and I believe DH has a 30 day return policy.

But, even if it proves to have no sonic improvement for my hardrive connection, I still may keep it in case someday I get a new Dac with USB capabilities.
Honestly and sincerely, I am quite surprised that the question of whether USB cables matter between a computer, say the MacMini, and a DAC is still a question of fact.

Even on my least res system, an Alethias USB cable makes a huge difference over other USB cables I've owned and/or tested.

Theory is theory; practice is practice. I suggest that if you are wondering, put some USB cables into practice in your system. Of course, if you don't have a system that will reveal the difference, it isn't the USB cable's problem.

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Ed, Even if I am only using the USB Cable from my laptop to my external hardrive?
I know when I upgraded my firewire cable from the MacMini to the peripheral HD from the stock cable it made a difference that I preferred. That is true on all of my systems.

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