Does the port tuning frecuency limit x-max?

Does the tuning frecuency of a speakers limit its maximum excursion within safe limits?
The port radically reduces driver excursion in its pass-band (so it's less than in a sealed enclosure) but allows excursion to approach what it would be without an enclosure as you drop below its high-pass poles (much more than "reasonably" sized sealed enclosures)
The maximum excursion capability of a driver is dependent on the design of its voice coil, magnet structure, spider, and surround, and has (pretty much) nothing to do with the enclosure. This is the parameter referred to as "X-max" in the driver's Thiele-Small parameters.

But the extent to which a given amount of input power at a given frequency produces a corresponding cone deflection (and SPL output) is of course highly dependent on the enclosure and port tuning.