Does the original Audio Logic stand up to new dacs

How well does the original Audio Logic stand up to the newer dac's on the market? I've heard some good things but am concerned that dac's have progressed very far in the last few years. Thanks for any help.
Well of course you'd expect me to respond! :^) The original Model 34 is probably a little warmer (dependent to some extent on the tubes in it), a little less transparent and a little weaker in the bass than more recent DACs, but I don't think that it's that far behind the latest and greatest (and, of course, Jerry Ozment can update it for you into a DAC that in my view is in the upper tier of today's DACs). Quite frankly, other than the hi-rez formats, I don't think that there's been that much improvement in the past few years in digital components as you'd be led to believe; most of the improvements in redbook digital have been in the better power supplies and analog stages, and the Audio Logic was ahead of the pack in that regard when it first came out.
I'll second Rcprince's response, the A.L. Dac was and still is light years beyond it's time, there may be a few other tube dacs such as Audio Note 4 and 5, Zanden, Audio Aero Prima Dac, that sound great also, but when you get this far, it's system and preference dependent. I like tube rolling to "flavor mine to my tastes". My previous dac for ten years was a modified Cal Alpha tube dac, as good as it was, the A.L. 34 took my sound to the top tier in all areas.
OK, put me down as number three (3). The 34 may have slightly less bass dynamics/slam then some of the SS DACs I have owned, but talk about how real vocals sound and it is hard to beat especially for the used prices on Agon. Then just sit back and listen to the soundstage and you'll have a big sh$t eatin' grin on your big ol' mellon!

Happy Listening and thanks Russ for steering me it the right direction, even if it took a little time. Pat, glad you are enjoying yours too!