Does the Krell KAV-400Xi overheat?

I ran accross this ariticle about the 400Xi:

The reviewer states the Krell might well overheat if used for a party. This worries me a bit. I don't play my music really loud, but I'm going to be running a pair of Usher CP-6381's which are only rated at an 87dB efficiency.

I had just about mad up my mind to buy this unit when I ran across this article.

Any 400Xi owners out there?
It shouldnt provided it has ventillation on top.
I ran my kav 300i for 8 hours straight at modest levels and it does get pretty warm but not too hot to be touched.
I own one and its fine I leave it on twenty four hours a day, had for well over a year never had any problems, nice little amp, yeh it run hot when driven at modest levels and thats when it is at it best.
Best Of luck
I bought the unit new and I left my unit on several days at 35 to 40 db( reading level from the unit) and it was fine. But I had a new replacement from Krell after I played the unit for couples hour at 78 to 80 db level. I did not feel the heat from the unit but after series of small BUZZ the unit loosing loudness and details. Could be a defective unit. Now I am listenning at 40 to 55 db to be safe. Hope this will not stop you from buying the unit. I love to listen and to look at mine black 400Xi.
I have a KAV-400xi since 2004 with no problems. Make sure the unit has adequate ventilation. I use an extra set of rubber feet to give it 1.25" bottom clearance, Krell recommends at least 2" bottom clearance for proper ventilation. This unit, like most high-powered Amplifiers, should not be installed in tight places>cabinets/racks, it would be best to set-up on an open shelf or Amplifier stand.
Hi just out interest, if use's havent tryed an isolation feet as yet,I put some under they are herbies, I end up putting the under the feet(herbiesaudiolab)for the price Iam happy, has any body tryed any islostion products under there krell.
Hi guys, I need some help from 400 XI owners. Does any one run your 400Xi at 70/80 db for about few hours ( 86 db/ 6 ohm speakers). I understand the 400 Xi can go down 2 ohm without issue. Please give me some feedback. Thanks in advance.
No heating problems with mine, I've had it for a couple years now. It does run class A in the lower output range, so yeah, it'll run pretty warm. I've run mine loud for a couple of hours w/o any issues. I've never pushed it hard for many hours, though.

I did have an issue with my power button. It wasn't working very well intially, the remote worked fine. I got lazy and never brought it back. After a few months, no problems, the intermittant button problem has disappeared.