Does the environment affects on quality of sound

I realized whenever I change whats around me, it affects on quality of sound, it gives lot extra work when editing bloobs on melodyne, few google search I found lot of wood wool acoustic panels should do the trick, like in this Should it be a cheap solution for now?
I’m guessing English is your second language? as it was hard to decipher your question. But as I understand it, you’re basically asking how important is room acoustics? And how do these products stack up?

Firstly many audiophiles subscribe to the view that the room is the most important component in your system & can contribute up to 40% of the SQ of your system. Personally I think loudspeakers have the biggest influence over the sound, followed by amplification, then the room closely behind.

Re: the site you linked into, I couldn’t find any specs on how the panels measure (ie: are they broadband panels, or tuned for specific frequencies?). Though it looks as though their products act primarily as absorbers, but can also be setup as diffusers. Hence you need to be careful not to over-dampen your room. Once you have the panels in situ, you should evaluate the placement of panels with objective listening & subjective measurements (which you can do with a laptop, suitable program & microphone).

I would suggest reading all the information & FAQ’s on the website. The next step would be to contact the company & ask some obvious questions like - What frequency range they’re designed to work in? (ie: Do they operate as broadband panels, or within a specific frequency range?), Do they provide a consultancy service to suggest a suitable mix of products tailored to your room? And obviously what do they cost?
Does the environment affects on quality of sound.

THIS just what we need to be wandering. In Korea we make many good tests of audio sounds.