Does the denon 5910 have the marantz 30LB Trnsprt

Does the denon 5910 have the same 30LB transport as a marantz SA14, SA11, or a modified version that can read video as well
Or is it a lighter transport with a heavy chunk of video hardware.

Are there any older Flagship DVD Players that have a transport similiar to a marantz SA-14, or you know a big heavy transport that will read anything and ill still be able to get a new laser for even though i should never need one'

And this is off the subject, but how is the long term reliability of a sony SCD-777ES?
thanks a million Toby
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I own both the Denon 5910, and the SOny.
As for the Sony I had seen a number of complaints about the laser assy no longer available, (that was early on)
Then that folks were able to get the laser replaced. So I would guess Sony is replacing the laser assy with some cheaper substitute. This is just my interpretation of the events. But once Sony does something.. they usually do not change thier mind, thus I assume the laser replacement is some workaround the warranty dept found.
As for the 5910.. I do not have a clue as to the origin of it's transport assy maker.
It's just a decent transport not very heavy duty.