Does the Audio Research PH-3 Invert Polarity?

I just recently bought an ARC PH-3SE and so far I am very happy with it. I was surprised to see that the owner's manual does not mention polarity. Does anyone know if the ARC PH-3SE inverts polarity? Thanks.
Doesn't look like it based upon the schematics.
Thanks guys. Usually ARC and other manufacturers let you know whether a piece of gear inverts phase or not. I see nothing that comes with the PH-3SE that mentions phase.
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Don't most good preamps have a polarity reversal swith?Seems like an overpriced phono preamp that doesn't allow you to adjust ANYTHING!? Like you have to get inside and change resistors just to adjust the input imped!!.(And this is from a hugh ARC fan). I haven't really done analog for a long time, so is this typical? I think i would look for a phono stage that has a allot more to offer. Just some idle comments.:)