Does the age of a speaker matter when selling if the model is still current?

Hi All,
I hope it's okay to ask this question here. if not, let me know and I'll delete this post.
My hubby passed away a year ago in January & I'm trying to sell his audio equipment. I won't ask you specific pricing questions as I know there's a Blue Book section for that. But maybe you can help with a general question?
I have someone who asked me when my hubby's B&W 685 Bookshelf speakers were purchased--which was in 2009.. Even though this model is still being made should the fact that these are so old affect my price? The condition of this set is excellent with no dings or scratches to them and no snags in the grills.  (My hubby really babied his electronics. These were hooked up to his system & he was using these up until he passed away.) Thanks-
First of all, I am sorry for your loss. The answer to your question is yes & no. These are good speakers and will last for decades if treated right. In good to excellent condition, I would think you could get at least 1/2 of what they where new.

Thanks for your condolences and for your reply to my question, dill. Your answer tells me I have the speakers priced correctly. Good to know.
Sorry for your loss.  Although the model number may stay the same,  some speakers will have a series of updates which can significantly affect the price.  IIRC, the B&W 685 had at least 2 updates.
Generally speaking on the used market 10 years would expect 50% list price. Being 1 owner helps as does available replacement parts. Condition also matters. Market matters. I would list them at half price plus the listing fees also putting paypal on buyer. If you have shipping boxes also helps.
My condolences on your loss and as stated above 50% of retail is a good starting point for pricing.
Hi steve59, I've had these B&W 685 speakers listed for a few months now with no bites. I had them priced at $325/pair and have recently reduced them to $275/pair. They're in excellent condition (no scratches, dings, etc). Every buyer who has been over to buy other items has commented on the great condition of everything.
I've taken nice photos of them, inluding photos of them with and without the grille and of the back & sides, I've also got the owner's manuals and the original boxes. So I don't know if the right buyer hasn't come along or what. 
Seems like a very fair price. Where do you have them listed at? 
I find Facebook Marketplace is a really good place to sell, especially popular models like what you have. Good luck!