does the 640 cambridge int.amp have an output for

output for subwoofer?
And, while you are at it, how about a Cambridge 540 V1. Thanks in advance.
Go to Cambridge website and download the manuals. All questions shall be answered by this action.
Thank you for your help.
No they don't. I hooked up a 640a and sat/sub system for my next door neighbor. I've also hooked up a similar setup at my house, in a couple cases trying a mono sub output from the Outlaw RR2150 receiver and another time using the line level sub output from an Outlaw 950 pre/pro. I've also used an Amber preamp/power amp combo without a sub output, and had to use the speaker level outputs to the Mirage subwoofer. In my case, the Amber stack with speaker level inputs had the most satisfying sound and was easiest to attain good tonal balance.

If the 640A doesn't have a sub output, the 540 definitely doesn't. I say use the speaker cable inputs and enjoy the music.

You'll get your best sound hooking the satellites and the subwoofer directly to the speaker outputs on the amp. Running the satellites full range may reduce ultimate dynamic range, but it does wonders for continuity and especially soundstage.
Cambridge Audio integrated amps, like so many, have preamp out jacks and if you intend on running your main speakers full range then this is sufficient. Otherwise, you need to look at other integrated amps like NAD or Bryston or separates so that an external crossover can be inserted in front of the amp section.

The route taken all depends on your main speakers.
thanks for the input.....i ended up with focal 826v speakers with the 640 int. amp and with very good cables the bottom end is excellent in my room.....the 826v speakers floor standing and reach around 37 down....again thanks i love subs, but what a mess to get set up correctly...dwhitt
i love subs, but what a mess to get set up correctly

True it takes some effort, but that's because of the flexibility in placement a sub offers. Placement of floor standing speakers will almost always compromise bass, because they are located for good imaging.