Does the 33 hertz frequency turn vinyl into super vinyl "YES"

l believe 33 hertz is the most supernatural frequency known or unknown to’s ability to remove the digital fingerprint from digital audio is magical. i was unaware that 33 hertz frequency had the ability to take vinyl cut from an analog source and turn it into what i’m calling super vinyl. i discovered this today while testing the effects of 33 hertz on a vinyl rip i downloaded and the difference in the sound quality is like listening to 3D audio.The sound quality is so natural and organic sounding it makes the original source vinyl sound like a vinyl cd.

source:Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon [1st UK Harvest issue ‘solid light blue triangle’] 24-bit192kHz Vinyl Rip
l could not get the samples to play at 24/192 so download and compare.
Track 2 breathe:
33 hertz version same source:
guitarsam, if you keep this up everyone is going to ignore you like kenjit.
Think admin has been a little busy last few days trying to unfry the site but I agree this dross has to go and be stopped from a repeat rinse performance.
Guitarsam has now passed the "amusement" level and entered the Twilight Zone of complete annoyance and irrelevance.
Sam here has 1 single person tested 33 hertz to confirm what i say is fact or fiction because if you had you would realize that maybe i know what i’m talking about yet you will buy $1000 doller cables and $700 blue fuses or $15000 power supply? and will any of that compare to 33 hertz encoded audio? no it will not and furthermore i will stack my 33 hertz digital encode up against the finest vinyl rip and well let audiogon judge the winner. lrrelevance is in the ear of the listener and the sound is all that matters not how you got there.
personally I do not "rip" vinyl, at least not since the 70,s ( thats 1970,s) and have no interest in ever doing so.

All the best to you in your endeavours.
Guitarsam...are you 12? 10? You don't seem to be very sophisticated (hey, and that's fine) based on your writing skills, or you're simply in need of therapy to keep your odd compulsions in check instead of throwing 'em out in front of an audience containing some much wiser and more experienced readers. I'm simply trying to help, and you're welcome.