Does Synergistic Research have a "house" sound

I am curious about these cables. It appears from reading the selection guide on their website that depending on the level (i.e price) of cable used, the sound changes. For example, going higher up the performance scale, the more resolution and going down the performance scale results in a warmer sound. So it seems SR cables all sound different depending on what product family is used. Do SR cables then have a "house" sound or characteristic that is common across all of their cables? Also, what is the sweetspot in the cable lineup? For me, the Sig 10 and Resolutoin Refereance is in the range I am willing to spend.

thanks in advance.
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Yea,I guess so. But the ones your talking about are at the lower end of the "house". Some of the x2's come up used, and at a good price. (If you think $600 is ok to spend on a 1mt. hunk.) --On their lower end; I can't help./ as how they compare,in that price range.
avguygeorge: thanks for the response. I am looking at the x2 version of the Res Ref. What can you tell me about the SR cable sound in general?

I appreciate your help.