Does Sumiko Blackbird/JMW arm need a spacer?

If you lie a Blackbird on its back, it is evident that the stylus tip and the bottom of the vertical strut through which the stylus protrudes, are on the same plane. The stylus tip seems to be on the same horizontal plane as the strut and I cannot even pass a piece of paper between the strut and the vinyl. Yet there are no spacers in the pack - any suggestion? Should there be a spacer (I am using a plastic washer, but clearance is still almost zero and can hear a brushing sound as though the strut is rubbing the vinyl. Is my cartridge supension broken or do I need a spacer?
Any help would be most appreciated.
It sounds like the cartridge suspension has failed. I owned a Blackbird for a long time and never had any issues with clearance.
Same here, sounds like a broken suspension.