Does Stereo Knight still exist?

Does anyone know if Stereo Knight is still in business? What their current price list is for their pre-amps and remotes?
I believe that he is still in business, but not certain. Suggest that you email James directly -
If anyone has managed to contact James Zhang of Stereoknight pls share the contact info.
I like to get a copy of the schematics of the Enigma 1.0 preamp, now that StereoKnight has closed doors makes it difficult in the event of repairs.
I have tried all the contact info from his website without any success.
I have also contacted his outfit in China and was told that only James Zhang can provide schematics since they have stopped building Stereoknight products in 2011.

One of my best selling brands, Stereo Knight consisted of two partners. One designed and made the products and the other was responsible for
promotion and sales. They had been working on an all new design Monoblock amplifiers for some time before they closed down due to the GFC.
The two partners have now gone their separate way, but the designer has now perfected his new Monoblock and has formed a new company,
AM Audio. He has released these along with his new balanced Transformer preamp, which had been released as a Stereo Knight shortly before the Company

I found this on the Osborn Loudspeaker web site.  Don't know if it helps at all.Enter your text ...