does Sirius sat have a refrence tuner???

Ok so satelite is never gonna be great, but does sirius have a "refrence" home tuner? thanks
I think they have a Kenwood tuner for the home, which is said to be their best. Personally,I find XM to sound much better with more band width.
Blast! I really liked what Sirius had to offer, is it going under? Correct me if I'm wrong but only Sirius had the NFL and NPR.
Sirius going under...Very doubtful. Most likely a take over target by the likes of Time Warner or one of the other giants. Also possible merger with XMSR. Definitly a buy at the current levels.
Sirius isnt going anywhere, and as far as XM having better sound, they are adding more channels, so all will suffer from increased load for bandwidth, Sirius also has 1 more Satellite then XM and less siganl loss.
Sirius financial figures are in deep doo-doo!!!

Trailing PE -8.48
Forward PE -8.76

[That's right, both PE's are NEGATIVE!]

Take a look at the company's financials, if you really want to get scared. Their liabilities far outweigh their assets. They have a NEGATIVE cash flow, which is getting worse [$616.7 million in 2004, $219 million in 2003]. Earnings were -$0.57/share in 2004 and -$0.38/share in 2003. Although this is an improvement of a whopping -$6.34/share in 2002. Hasn't turned a profit in 4 years. [Can anyone say "Dot Com Bubble?] Too much of a crap shoot in my book!
I could give a rats ass about financials, all I wanted to know was about a tuner, if you need to play the market go watch Bulls and Bears on FOX
Chadnliz, fine. Go out and buy an expensive Sirius reference tuner. And in a year, it may be about as valuable as an 8-track tape player! Do you remember Iridium satellite telephone service? Apparently, you have no understanding about product introduction, financing, and marketing needed to make it a viable consumer success. I was replying to Audioparts as well as your statement:
Sirius isn't going anywhere
Hey, they'd love a mark like you in Las Vegas!
I guess this might compare to folks whom bought their own Voom boxes at $800.----'Don't have to go as far back as 8trk.

I got Sirius via Dish network. It comes with most of their programming packages. No equipment to buy. I thought about getting the Kenwood but this was cheaper as I cancelled my other satellite service. I am using the 811 receiver and the sound is good.
Anyway, aren't "Sirius/XM" and "Reference" oxymoronic terms? Well, maybe not in relative terms....
You are right about refrence and oxymorone, but I have had Sirius for 2 yrs and was curious about a better sounding home tuner