Does Shunyata Hydra sound best with just one unit

I'm curious if the Shunyata Hydra power conditioners sound better with just one component plugged into them? When I plug more than one component into my PS Audio Ultimate Outlets and PS Audio UPC 200's the sound becomes more congested, there's less resolution and the fatigue factor increases. Sadly, I suspect it's universal that power cords function better when they're not being hogged by two or more components. Here I am with all this PS Audio conditioning equipment and I'm only using one outlet in each of them. Is it possible there's a conditioner on the market which will allow me to use several of my components without compromising sound?

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I think the 30A/130A current of the SA4e is probably the output current capacity of the amp, not the input from the wall.
If you can plug the Threshold into a regular wall outlet, it should work fine on the Hydra.
I plugged two Krell monoblocks into a Hydra 8 without any problems but I didn't like the sound.