Does S5700-52C-PWR-SI can use 4 Giga ports in stac

Reading the document "Huawei Enterprise Switches channel Sales Guide", I see the next warning:
1. When using the 4*GE card or 4*10GE card with the stack card on S5700-SI/S5710-LI/S5700-EI, only two ports on the 4*GE/4*10GE card can be used.
Page 44 in the document attached
My doubt here are if this applied for S5700-52C-PWR-SI (from: too, because with this switch the 4 Giga ports are included into the chassis and I'm adding just the stack card, not two cards (Interfaces plus stack) as a indicate in the document.
Yes, Huawei S5700 can use 4 Giga ports in stack. But I don't suggest to use the stack card and the front sub-card together.