Does Raysonic CD128 need to be on top shelf?

Wondering about this CDP. I currently have a Rega Planet 2000 that's not on the top shelf. (The TT, of course, sits up top.) There's enough room -- and a tad more -- for the Rega. Might a Raysonic work in such a space, or does it absolutely need to be on the top shelf? Thanks.
Depends on how adept you are and how much space you have available above the shelf where the Planet sits. I would say that 7-8" is close to the bare minimum height, and that's with the stock feet. The Raysonic is certainly worth the effort -- I have no interest in upgrading mine. Good luck, Dave
I have the 168 on the top shelf. It sounds a lot more integrated with Herbes Isocup/balls, but that raises the height. I would say you need at least 8" clearance above the top. And that will get old as you will be contorting to get discs in/out
FWIW, I have 10" clearance above mine and it's sitting on 2" myrtle wood cylinders (Waipuna). This translates to a total of 15" between the shelf it's sitting on and the shelf above, but I could get by with 12" if necessary.
Handling that large cover and then placing the puck on the cd is a real annoyance. Especially if you place the player on a shelf other than the top.
I have my 128 on the bottom shelf of my cabinet and it is not much inconvenience to remove and replace the puck/cover and change cds. But it's nice to have good space above. I have 6-8 inches of clearance above.
have my 168 on the top of a three shelf rack..just perfect turntable height and playing a CD reminds me of when I used to spin vinyl.