Does Qobuz Work With Apple Airplay?

I have an Oppo Sonica Dac Streamer and the Oppo help line says I can stream Qobuz "if the app plays with Airplay" I couldn't figure this out from perusing the Qobuz and Apple web sites. Thanks to any who can help.
Yes my Qobuz app on iPad or iPhone will send to airplay enabled devices and speakers.
Yes I did it with the Sonica for about a year.
It definitely works with Bluetooth 
Airplay didn’t work with my node2l 
Well he doesn't own a Node 2
I guess I'll be stuck with Tidal until I get a Quobuz integrated streamer dac since Airplay only does 16/44 res.....I wouldn't get to hear the hi res Qobuz offers using the Airplay interface...I'll start saving my pennies. Will spend around 2K....Lumin, Auralic are contenders.

From Qobuz website:

Qobuz Connect

More and more brands in Audio-Connectivity have integrated Qobuz with their own applications, while others are adopting new standards such as GoogleCast, Microchip JukeBlox.

No more cables! Qobuz is compatible with many wireless listening protocols (Googlecast, AirPlay, Bluetooth…).