Does preamp w/Power Supply need a good Power Cord?

Hi Everyone,

I pulled the trigger on a good SS preamp with an external power supply. Does the Power Supply cancel out the benefits of a decent power cord? Having never had a preamp with an external power supply, would this be a waste of money? I have a system that retails out at around $15,000, so I don't want to get in over my head and spend $1000 on a cord, but if a $200 cord will make an audible difference, then I would welcome the change.
Power cords have made a difference on the preamps I have owned with separate power supplies. In fact, I am auditioning a preamp with a separate power supply, and the designer purposely does not include a power cord because he believes the effects of aftermarket power cords can be significant, and he prefers that his customers experiment with them to suit their preferences.

There are some power cords at slightly above the $200 price level that can have a positive effect, IMO. For example, the Oyaide Tunami GPX, which can be found for slightly over $300 (or less used).
Yes, it will make a difference. You can get an Oyaide cord for 2-3 hundred, I use them. Also use Siltech, Spirit Sound has some demos beginning at $60 for 1M. I didn't use them for years myself, but it can make a big difference.
I good company to deal with is VH Audio..You can prety much have them built any flavor you want and at a reasonable price..Also easy to deal with..
Not knowing you situation, system, or gear being used... there are a few Tg Audio HSR-i gen2 cords on Agon now, that for the $$ can't be touched. Esp with Solid State gear... They will greatly improve your soundstage (focus, layering...) and PRaT. A good barometer from which to base improvement on if you move up the ladder to more expensive cords. Not afiliated in anyway with the seller - just a Tg Audio fan myself...

I have had a number of preamps with separate power supplies (Audible Illusions, Blue Circle, Joule Electra, Pass Labs) all have benifited from the Ac cable upgrades!
Obviously after spending a kilobuck you'd better hear some differences and besides, good contribution to help out with today's crisis situation as well.
Thanks for the response. Got an Oyaide, wow! Sounds great across the spectrum: big upgrade in soundstaging, bass, and detail. Heading over to Tokyo in a couple of months, will probably bring back some goodies! They can be a had a bit cheaper over there, according to their Japanese web site. Thanks for the tips!
Glad you like the Oyaide. Nice bang-for-the-buck power cord.