Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?

I recently bought a new power cord but there isn’t much difference in sound quality between this new cord and the previous Wireworld Elektra 7 which it replaces. The cords are used on the DAC.

Any ideas if the cord needs to burn in to open up and sound better? It currently has about 5 hours on it and I think I prefer the sound quality of the previous cord which costs 10 times cheaper.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Power supply...POWER SUPPLY...((((POWER SUPPLY)))) - in short: Transformers. Think Peter Dahl.

Then, capacitors, quality (tolerance) of resistors and adherence to tolerance in support of the circuit topology of your choice in class of service; i.e., Class A —> Class D and SS v Tubes.

Money is best spent there. If you have accomplished that, then by all means buy a $5👀K Power Cord. You might hear a difference and assuage your expenditure on wire. 👍🏿

"What are non audiophiles doing on an audiophile site?"
Why trolling of course!
"What are non audiophiles doing on an audiophile site?"
Why trolling of course!
Actually a true, intelligent "audiophile" is more likely to call BS on snake oil tweaks than one who THINKS of himself as an audiophile.
@twoleftears said it well..  I agree, Money is better spent elsewhere, especially the room and speakers.. A well designed and sized power cord doesn’t need to cost a fortune to function well.. Some folks use badly designed cables to coverup a much larger system issue or deficiencies. After everything is sorted out, then cables is a place to go and bleed money.  
Yes and there are great value power cords...but, MIT actually has unique patented technology in their PC’s which can be quite illuminating when all else is set up properly!