Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?

I recently bought a new power cord but there isn’t much difference in sound quality between this new cord and the previous Wireworld Elektra 7 which it replaces. The cords are used on the DAC.

Any ideas if the cord needs to burn in to open up and sound better? It currently has about 5 hours on it and I think I prefer the sound quality of the previous cord which costs 10 times cheaper.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Does that DAC have a linear power supply? If so there is 25-100 ohms of wire in the transformer. Do the math
ryder OP1,074 posts12-04-2020 10:09pmThanks for the responses. I'm seriously hoping for good things to come from this new cord as it's a pretty heavy investment for me. I hope this burn-in thing with cables is something that works ie. noticeably if not drastically improved sound after the whole burning in is complete.

Any ideas if the cord needs to burn in to open up and sound better?

Five years minimum....

Please consider it just as my personal experience....
Strip the ends off each end if you have any. Put the cable in a bbq , moderate heat, lid down and bake for 3/4 hours.


Scribe an arrow at on end or the other. Reassemble the plugs if they came with it.

Use the arrow to align the cable.......

“Auditory hallucinations can be obtained for the price of a coat hanger.”
Truer words were never spoken (or posted).
I love this crap..........

Where I've heard a very clear and distinct difference:
RCA cables

Where I've heard no discernable difference:
Balanced cables.
Speaker cables.
Power cords.
Any manner of tweaking or lifting cables.

Just my experience with MY SYSTEM.