does power cord length matter? fact or myth?

I have read somewhere in a forum that power cords need to be over a meter. I can't remember the reason and I am not sure it was correct anyway. Is this fact or myth? I have a 2 meter power cable that could be used in less than a meter and more than a meter with my system. Will this hurt the performance of the cable if cut in smaller pieces? Maybe brand specific? The cable is a Oyaide Tunami GPX
I have had both one and two meter cables and there is a difference; the two meter ones are longer. Seriously, I could never tell a significant difference between them compared to the differences between the different brands of cables I had.
Absolutely - HUDGE difference.

Cutting it will (at best) provide half the performance O.M.G.

Who would do this - O.M.G.

Short answer - if you'll drink the whole power cord kool-aid, then, no doubt you'll buy into this one.
like Peter Walker from QUAD used to say: "the cable just has to reach the amp" he was talking speaker wire actually...

Also I had Vince from Plinius USA tell me PC length has to be 10 feet exactly for best sound, I never followed up on that one.

WTF? Pixie Dust...
To put bull aside, it will depend on brand, your equipment, on degree of resolution your system is capable of, current quality and your hearing.
To put it another way, there will be a difference, and you may or may not hear it.
Some manufacturers and audiophiles recommend power cords be no less than 5' long. I remember that someone on this forum said that it is true for Noth American 120/60 current but is the opposite for Euro 220/50 current.
Personally I only have 5' cords and don't think about it.
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Shunyata does not recommend power cords shorter than 1 meter. If you do a Yahoo search you will find their brief explanation.
I think this is a thang

I seem to recall something regarding minimum lengths for ICs and PCs in their catalog. But I don't recall the rationale (if there was one).
I have recently reconfigured my system and do not need any cord (power, IC, or SC) over 1M long. In fact, I am going to make a 2-foot long PC tonight to go from a dedicated line to my Isoclean conditioner. I never bought into the whole Mapleshade min. 8 ft. min. speaker cable length, or other min. lengths I have seen posted. There are two many examples of short wire runs within the gear itself. Plus, one way to reduce LCR is to use shorter cables.
Mapleshade actually says 8 feet is optimum, not minimum for speaker cables.
Mapleshade actually says 8 feet is optimum, not minimum for speaker cables.
I am curious as to what they believe is the difference between the 8 feet outside the speaker and the 2 to 3 feet long lead wire from the binding posts to the drivers?
Shunyata offered a somewhat technical explanation, I believe Mapleshade based their conclusion on listening tests.
I don't think so at all. I have had different lengths to my conditioner and to my difference.
Not to mention the length of the power wires from your outlet(s) to the junction box then out to the power lines and so on and so on.

Now maybe... if you had a 2 foot cable compared to a 30 foot power chord, you could maybe hear a difference - better or worse who knows.