Does power cord length matter?

Recently the owner of a high end cable manufacturing company told me that the reverse of conventional wisdom was true in the case of power cords, and that the longer cable (2 meters) actually sounds better than a one meter cable. Is this true?
I'm not an expert on the subject, but before I bought a recent mamba power cord I did some reserch and found that a power cord should be 6ft(2 meter) from what I could tell is that is how long it takes for a cord to filter out any noise or rectify any problems that maybe coming out from your outlet.
I read that under 3 feet is not recommended by any company, and that 4 feet is usually o k by many companies. Not all cable companies adhere to the same policies on length. If you are going to have too much excess cables and cords that are all entangled then this is counter productive to the sound as well.Power cords ,interconnects and speaker cables should be separated from each other and from each type ,as best as possible.
Briweve, That is a reasonable explanation. I would like more info and data to be certain. Thanks Lihifiguy.
More is better, but up to a point. More can be better because of the filtering effect of the power cable. Generally lengths shorter than 5 feet sound worse than a 5 foot cable. But lengths greater than 10 feet sound worse than a 10 foot cable. Somewhere in between is usually optimum, but it all varies, both by power cord, and by the current required by the component. At the cost of a very good power cord, I would not usually recommend anything other than 5 feet due to the high cost and diminishing returns. But I would definitely recommend using a long power cord with monoblocks (or any amp), if by doing so you can reduce the length of speaker cables.
I just switched from a one meter Harmonic Technology Pro-11 AC power cord to a two meter H.T. Pro-11 AC, and guess what? I installed it late last night, and let it run all night to begin the break-in process. In the first 2 minutes it was apparent that this cable was much better. There was a sense of the room ambience present, more weight in the bass, higher output, and a general feeling of lively energy. Admittedly these aspects could be called "subtleties" that some people may not notice, but for those who have the experience to hear the differences they are significant. . I am satisfied that the effort I made to change to Harmonic Technology cables was worth it, and now enjoy the pride of ownership I hoped to find. Can't wait for it to fully break in. Thanks guys.
Good luck with your new 2 meter cord.I guess I now realize that longer power cords up to 6 feet are better.I did get a good deal on a 4 ft NBS Signature power cord and it has to sound better than a 3 ft one as it is 1/3 longer.I also won an aution on a 5 ft BMI Reference cord ,and from here on in ,nothing shorter than 5 ft.Live and learn.Enjoy !