Does PMC sound boxy? (Maggie, Magico & PMC comparison needed)

Hi folks, does PMC sound boxy? I mean compared to Maggies, will PMC (only talking about the high-end models here) sound pretty boxy? Many friends told me Magico is much less boxy than normal boxy-speakers, speaking of this boxy stuff, how much less does Magico sound boxy than PMC?
I’ve owned PMC IB2i for the past four years. Before that, in this system, Montana EPS2 and Vandy 3A Sig. The IB2i are less boxy than the Montanas and perhaps slightly more than the Vandies (but so much better-sounding on the whole that it’s hard to compare this aspect).

"Boxiness," to my ears, is mainly an artifact of cabinet resonance. While I haven’t compared my PMCs to Maggies or Magico, I would say any PMC speaker is likely to exhibit more cabinet resonance than either one. Maggies have no cabinets; Magico cabs are extremely rigid and heavy, with front panels of thick metal to reduce resonance.

Best to listen for yourself, though, and decide your preference, as with all things audio.