Does PayPal suck or.........?

I recently signed up for this supposed "best CC payment system on the net" and everyone who has tried to give me money through paypal has had trouble with a low amount limit in which they can send. Now what is the deal. Is it me or paypal or the customer. I've tried to contact PayPal, but haven't gotten any response. This really ticks me off for obvious reasons. Can someone offer any help to this problem because I have mucho frustraion setting in!!!
PAYPAL is great but I kinda got screwed too for a little while. They must have had some security problems or something because they didn't do this at first. When I first signed up I had a $5000 limit. (which is as high as they go I think). Then after I bid and won on a dvd player I found out that I only had a $10 limit. I found out that they decided to drop everybodies limit until you got an address confirmation letter and confirmed your address with a password after you logged in on their site. I really got screwed and I screwed over the guy who had the auction. I feel bad but he was real nice and understanding. So you should get your confirmation letter about 2 weeks after you signed up. If not you have to ask for another one. I know it sucks but I guess they have to to keep the site secure. It's lame that they didn't give me notice though. One month I'm using them for all my purchases and the next month I have a $10 limit. Gee maybe I can go buy a box of gum.
Question answered, chat topics work again!!! Thanks a billion Kacz!!! KGB
With PayPal you have no recourse. Its like issuing a money order or cash. The benefits of a charge back in case of trouble are negated by this service. Buyer beware.
PayPal is a great idea, that has been very poorly implemented, probably because it is undercapitalized; and it benefits the seller much more than the buyer. On my first transaction, PayPal confirmed via e-mail that I was overcharged; but was told that -- even though their computers caused the problem to occur -- it was nevertheless my responsibility to resolve the issue with my bank, since this is part of the basic sign-up agreement you make with them. When I then sent a complaint to customer service, it took them 7 days to respond -- and then with a standard form letter saying they had no accountability for any errors. My advice: avoid them at all costs! If you have a problem, you will certainly not be given any attention. Someone will come along with the proper financing and administrative skills to manage this concept a lot better. I lost $10.00; you could lose a lot more!
I've never tried Paypal but have used Iescrow and had no problems.
cdguru, audionut61, and Jman...I thank you for your helpful thoughts.KGB
Used Paypal only one time, was only for $100.00 with no problem on the receiving end. Check out a service of Bank One of Chicago. Good for VISA only, credit/debit card or can use your current personal checking account as well. They charge user $1.00 per transaction. Last time I checked they have limit of $500.00 but may have increased it by now. Could run multiple transactions at $1 apiece I suppose.