Does Odyssey = ODL? same company?

I ran across a web site for ODL, an amp/preamp manufacturer. I was surprised to see that their stuff (amps and preamps) looks virtually identical to the Odyssey line, except the logo is "ODL" instead of "Odyssey". Looks like the same factory and other things appear related. Even the colors and manufacturing info is the same. Here are the links: Odyssey is
ODL is
Compare the Odyssey Stratos vs. the ODL HT-2.
Odyssey Stratos:

At the risk of starting a stampede, looks like the ODL HT-2 is $595 vs. $995 for the Stratos.

The kicker is that it looks like ODL is the new company for Odyssey as per an old press release:

So, what gives?
Absolutely not! Once upon a time the ODL owner was part of the Odyssey company. However, they parted ways and he immediately started up his new company using technology and production, brought from his experience at Odyssey. Hence, the look alike. Obviously, this was neither fair, nor legal, and a lawsuit ensued. My understanding is that Odyssey won the lawsuit and the principal of ODL was to cease production of the Odyssey copies. Beware, even though they look similar, Odyssey is the only one that can produce and sell the designs (from the Symphonic Line designer) that you are reading about, and seeing so much praise. Plus, they are selling their Stratos amp for less money. Do yourself a favor (if you are interested in the Odyssey products), and make sure you deal with Klaus Bunge, the owner of Odyssey designs. You can't go wrong there. I hope this helps clear up any confusion.
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You must have been VERRRRY LUCKY. The two amps are most decidedly NOT the same, at least not in build quality! The only thing ODL steals from is Odyssey ;) There have been a ton of posts across the web from dissatisfied ODL owners, though Odyssey has been amazingly considerate in treating ODL owners like genuine Odussey customers. Klaus Bunge is a gentleman of the first rank. Odyssey did in fact win their suit, by the way. If your amp works, I'm very happy for you, but I wouldn't be too quick to herald it to others. The Odyssey Stratos, on the other hand, enjoys a well deserved reputation for quality and good sound at a comparative bargain price. It's unquestionably a well spent $400 to get the Odyssey.

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Could someone point me to the Tons of posts on dissatisfied ODL owners? Thanks!
Just wondering if this really exists so posting again. Could someone point me to the Tons of posts on dissatisfied ODL owners? Thanks!
I own a ODL and it rocks!!!
inside looks ok to me!!!
Many would like you to believe that the ODL is a cheap imitation of the Odyssey Stratos but they are both virtually identical and originally shared almost the exact same parts, circuit boards, and topology. Anyone that is not visually impaired can make a comparison and see for themselves that this is true. After being sued, ODL no longer exists and therefore the ODL amps have not received any upgrades like the Odyssey Stratos but it is possible that Klaus is willing to upgrade them if the owner wants. By the way I have owned both the ODL and Stratos, they are very similiar sounding with the only exception being the upgraded Stratos with the newer redboard.