Does NAD C270 sound as nice as T752 ?

Hi. Let me start by saying I'm no audiophile. I simply enjoy my music and movies. I buy decent equipment at a reasonable price(imo).

I recently replaced a Denon 1803 receiver with a NAD T752. The reason for the change was, with my Bohlender Graebener speakers, the Denon sound was too harsh and fatiguing. I had heard that the NAD's were more musical, warm, and provide better power(4 ohm speakers). My impression was, WOW! A huge difference. I really like the NAD sound.

Now, to the question. I'd like to drive these speakers with more power than the 80W receiver can provide. Does anyone have any experience using the C270? Is the sound as warm as the T752? Thanks for any advice.
I have a NAD T752, and if I'm not mistaken, it's 80 w/channel in 5.1 mode, but 100 w/channel in stereo.
The sound should be virtually identical. I see no problem with what you want to do. The C270 will simply give you more dynamic overhead compared to the amp section of the T752.
I also believe that the T752 can process 7.1 (quasi 7.2 actually I guess given L/R sub outs) - this would allow you to power mains from the external amp and reroute the rear and center signals through the internal T751 amplifiers.

I have no plans to go 7.1 myself, but as a T752 owner I was pleasantly surprised to see this as it gave me the ability to upgrade mains power without wasting the front amp channels.