Does my power of receiver match the power of the speaker needed?

On the jamo website, I see S809 has Power Handling 120w/240w with impedance 8 ohm. Is that the power needed per channel? If so, I see most receivers under $1000 will have RMA output below 120w per channel. Like "Pioneer VSX-LX304" and "Yamaha RX-A2A" both have a price tag of around $800, but both receivers only rated output power of 100 W (8 ohms, 0.06% THD) (20Hz-20kHz, 2-ch driven) what is smaller than 120W what this S809 need. Does that mean even an $800 receiver will not be powerful enough to push a $350 speaker? That doesn't make sense to me.

Here are the products and spec I mentioned above:
Don't worry about it. The speaker rating is the max power they can take. They'll only require a few watts at reasonable volume. 
You will need more power for the song ending power chord/drum slam.
and crescendos, guitar, drum solos.

 Sure 100w will work, do you want realism, or to clip your amp during that part when you jack up the volume.?

 15+ receivers, integrateds, stereo amps, monoblocks pair,
    Ended up doing more damage to my older gear with under powering than having more juice to power them.
   My speakers are only rated at 250 peak I think, I use my monoblocks amps at 650W rms into 8 Ohms, and have never had an issue, just watch, and,listen for tweeter distortion, and woofers bottoming out, etc.
   haven’t had any issues in 25+  years, as compared to my younger days.
 power is your friend. Don’t be scared or nervous, just listen as your volume goes up.
   For gods sake don’t jam the volume when you’ve had several , your ears don’t work as well, and damage may occur. Personal experience!
More power is always better than not enough power. But max power handling is a spec that isn't very useful to home audio. You don't ever want to run at the limit.
 Ur correct, don’t try to use the full amp power, even if speaker is rated as such, the tweeters will fry fast.

 Use best judgement, n enjoy the music.

 I’ve used no less than 300W rms since the late 80s til present.

Jeff, are you trying to build a surround sound set-up?  If not then a 2 channel integrated amp will be much better sounding than a receiver.