Does my 7 channel need some back up?

Need some help here. Primary HT set up. 18x 25 room. Using Def Tech all around. 7004 bi-pole towers. clr2300 center, bpx2's for the surround and back surround. Yamaha rx1500 as pre/pro with a Adcom 7607 doing all the work. I just added the adcom and even though it isn't high end too most on the Gon I noticed a huge improvement. Didn't really have the funds to get into a new pre/pro seeing how i just finished the room and purchased my present system so bought the 7607 off the Gon and am glad i did. Now,after further research and listening i am wondering if and what i should do next. Add a 3 channel amp for the mains and center. I believe Adcom makes one. Or should i run monos or a 2 channel for the mains and leave the 7606 to handle the center. Or is there another way. I have a limited budget so thats why i am looking at Adcom. Also, i figured that using another Adcom/s would match up better since i already have the one. Any suggestions would be a huge help...
I switched from ADCOM to Outlaw Audio and was pleased. For HT it is hard to beat. I got the M200s (now M2200s). Later you can add the 990 pre-pro and you're set.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You have a 7 channel amp. Are you unhappy with it? Do you need more power? Does it not sound right?
It's hard to suggest if we don't know what you're displeased with.
As it appears it primarily HT, my first thought would be a processor.
Well sound like where I was a year ago. Your amp is fine for the level of speakers. just get it close and use short speakers runs. Also what wire are you runninghtat can make a big difference. Have you gotten into room acustics yet. What are you trying to improve or is that whay you are searching for?
I will check the wire, I know that i told my dealer what my runs were and he recommended it. I dont really want to get into changing it seeing how i wired prior to room being finished. As far as room acoustics i just started researching. I know the Def Techs aren't high-end to most, but i honestly think they sound great(for HT and for me). I have experimented with speaker position(mains) and i believe i am spot on there. i know the yamaha as a pre/pro has some negatives, and adcom is an entry level amp, but for now they are non negotiable(wife) as far as replacing. Question though!, What would you suggest as the next step into seperates? A step that i would notice and would be cost efficient? This way i can work on budget and the wife..thanks for all the feedback..
1. I'd look for a powered subwoofer (or 2; I have a pair of Woofers by Bob Dominators) to reproduce those special effects and to relieve your LRs from doing so. I suggest Outlaw or Hsu.
2. On poweramps, unless you buy Outlaw (and I did*), you'll spend a lot of money for very little gain.

And I too am with Snofun and Programmergeek--what don't you like about your system?

* I bought an Outlaw 770, a 7-channel, 200WPC-into-8, 300-into-4, 94-pound monster. It powers the 2 bass modules of my Eminent Technology 8s, both ends of an ET12 and dipolar subwoofer, and both surround channels, and very well indeed. I use Quicksilver V4s, 120 Watts of glorious tubed power per channel, for the MR/treble of the ET8s.
Unless the wire is really pathetic, I suggest you have better plabes to start. First, in relation to the wire, ensure that the ends are clean and oxidation free - it never hurts to look - cheap tweek.
If you like your speakers that's great. Suggestion - HT preamps - The old Classe SSP-25's, 30's, 60's are supurd at their prices points, as are the Theta units. I have a Sunfire III - it's great in SS, but also has a "tubey" sound in 2-channel. The II piece is selling cheap recently - also very fine.
Are those the Def Tech's with subs? If so you don't need huge power
Adcomom generally sounds OK. Anthem MCA-3 or 30, Classe CAV75 and Proceed Amp3 are a real step up in sound at a reasonable price. Total for amp and pre - $2200. You'd notice SERIOUS improvement.
You can always run your received as a