Does music from your stereo startle you?

My stereo is really starting to sound good to me but it startles me sometimes now. Not kidding, it makes me jump at times, and It's not something I think I particularly like. Most of the time, I like listening to music to relax and unwind, not to be startled and shocked. It will sometimes sound like someone has slammed a door in the house or that someone is actually talking, even when no one is home.

Have you guys experienced this too, or do I need to go back on my meds?
No B, I experience it too. Just today, before I could get back to my chair after putting an LP on, Roy Orbison just vocally jumped into the room and I turned my head. I often hear things unexpectedly and might ask a family member if they said something. Some songs have various insect sounds and I'm looking around the room for them. So, you're not crazy. Go ahead and send your meds to me!
You may or may not be crazy. And you may or may not be eligible for better living through chemistry. But yes, me too. And Grace Woodroofe, makes music, you may like her.
Welcome to my world. Since settling on what I have, I still can be startled after all this time. It can be quite unnerving as it shocks you out of your revery but that's the well appreciated price it takes to reassure myself that what I have is good enough.

For now.

Enjoy, and don't stop tinkering.

All the best,
However, if it happens when no music is playing, well, you know.
I find myself often times hitting the mute button,because I think I hear strange sounds or someone in the house. But it's coming from the system. I always attribute it to being in the sweet spot.
Rok2id, sometimes I wish I had a remote with mute. Then I wouldn't have to get up to find the scary sounds. ;)
You may want to switch to decaf as a first step. Some of the many sedatives, while effective , are also addictive.
Lol Mechans, I am a coffee drinker and you're statement might actually contain some truth.

Back to the post, what causes induce being startled, besides coffee? Attack? Transients? It's funny, but even when I am expecting a new song to start, and am prepared for it, it can still startle me; usually music that opens with drums.
When a tube develops microphonics it will have some strange sounds. Had it happen once and it was very alarming!
Was it 3D?
Yes it was!
Most every time I sit and listen. Some times it is better than others but at least one recording I will say to myself I never heard that before.
There is a song I play which has a spot that sounds exactly like a telephone ringing and I jump every time. Haven't had a land line in a long time but I still jump.
No dude sounds like bad acid flash backs!!
Ebm, that's assuming acid flashbacks are "bad" ;-)
B limo said"
Ebm, that's assuming acid flashbacks are "bad" ;-)
No dude he's just distinguishing bad flashbacks from good ones ;-)
Lol, okay, I got it now :-)
Music from my stereo system does not startle wife startle's me when she comes home unexpected and finds me in bed with another woman.