Does Muse 9S play DVD-A s?

The Muse web site states that the model 9 and 9 Signature play DAD's. Are those the same as DVD-A's? Does it play CD-R's? If it plays DVDA and CDR, does anyone want to sell a 9S? Thanks
It is not a DVD-A player. DADs are not the same as DVD-As. It will play CDRs but not CDRWs.
I just bought a new 9s From Hello Hifi. Great price and service, you ought to check them out before you buy a used one...

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btw, I went from a Wadia 850 to this, good step up in audio, and big step up from my marantz DVD on video.
Tha DAD format IS part of the DVD-A spec, just not quite as effecient at packing the data onto the disk as a "normal" DVD-A disk. But I digress, no the Muse Model 9 (one of the most UNDER-rated components I know of)will not play a DVD-A disk unless it also has information encoded on the DAD "format" which is actually more on the video side. The DAD format is STILL a perfectly valid format for 24/96 audio, it's just that not a lot of people are using it. By the way, if you own a Model 9, try it as a DVD player.....WOW... and not even progressive scan and nails my Sony 9000ES
Hey, I traded e-mails with Kevin Halverson a while back. His comment was that the original 9 would not do CD-R's. Are you (Narrod, I guess) saying that the native 9 Signature's will? I read in the Ultimate Audio review that the 9S uses a Matsushita transport, which makes it possible since it's probably the same transport/pickup used by CAL in the CL-2500.