Does Michael Green Audio are out of business ? I

I order stuff from him one year ago and did received it yet.  No answers anymore. The Covid seems to affected him. 

this is how things get started in this hobby.....

this is from his site under the COVID-19 

Tuning in the middle of the pandemic

I've created this page to help answer Tuning questions during the covid 19 emergency. First, I hope all of you are being safe. So much has changed as a result of the lock-downs many of us are experiencing. Where I live "Las Vegas" it has been a day to day monitoring of cases and being on physical "stay at home" mandates. I live on the strip (one block) so the case numbers are high and we are somewhere between phase1 and phase2 in the reopening but certainly looks like we will be in lock-down of some sort for a while to come. 7/23/2020”

michaelGet Tuned!
He was very gregarious when I talked to him a couple of years ago on the phone about tuning my room. However, he wanted 5k in front before any real discussion of his plan or the total cost of it.  Bye bye.
Yes.  More than one year.  I have order cables and wood blocks and the invoice was made November,  14 in 2019.   The wood needs to be cured.  He asked me to pay again the shipping few months ago. 

I have learned à lot from is website and more I learned from him less it cost to me.  

I am sorry for those who did not received their stuff


He asked me to pay again the shipping few months ago.
That part is disturbing no matter your answer to the following question.  Did he ask you to pay shipping for the first time a couple of months ago or did he ask you to pay the shipping a second time, i.e. pay twice?