Does Mcintosh MDA1000 work with DCS Purcell ?

I have the following set up for my sources.

DCS Verdi CD/SACD transport.
DCS Purcell upsampler.
DCS Elgar plus DAC.

My reference amplifications:
Mark Levison No 32 Pre-amp,
Halcro dm58 mono blocks,

My reference speakers
Wilson watt/puppy speakers,

Reference interconnects/cables
Nordost Valhalla digital and analogue
interconnects as well as speaker cables.

I'm thinking about utilising in the place
of DCS Verdi, a Mcintosh MCD1000 CD/SACD/DVD-A
transport, for the obvious reason of gaining
the ability to play DVD-A.

And it has been brought to my attention that
MCD1000 works best with MDA1000 DAC?
If I replace my DCS Elgar plus with MDA1000,
can it actually still capitalise on the advantage
afforded to me (as a believer) by the Purcell
upsampler? Or else can MCD1000 alone works with my
current setup by replacing DCS Verdi?
What other transport besides MCD1000 can play both
SACD and DVD-A ?
Your questions are a bit confusing. The only way to get SACD playback through the dCS system is by using the Verdi, just as the only way to get it in the EMM system is by using both the EMM transport and EMM DAC. I use two Esoteric players, the X-01 and DV-50, both of which are hooked up by their digital outputs to a Purcell DSD and Elgar Plus. Both output redbook CD to the Purcell and Elgar, which can either be upsampled to 24/192 or converted to DSD (which sounds much better). Neither can output DSD to the Elgar Plus, and their digital outputs are muted on SACDs, so SACD listening has to be only through the players, not the Elgar. DVD-A is played through the DV-50 only. Since a DVD-A PCM datastream can be outputted, including to the Purcell, you can play a DVD-A disc through the Purcell and Elgar Plus, but as the equivalent of upconverted CD, not DVD-A. If you use the Mac transport you lose the Elgar's SACD function. If you substitute the Mac DAC, you can upconvert to 24/96, but (unless Mac does something I haven't heard about), not 24/192, and you lose the Purcell to Elgar Plus PCM to DSD conversion ability. Hope that answers your questions.
Thank you.

Did you try to use the Firewire/iLink/IEE1394 connection from the X-01 to the dCS combo ?

Thanks, Emile
I hope you know that the MCD1000 plays ONLY red book CDs. It does NOT play SACDs or DVD-As. The MDA1000 was made to perfectly complement it so you should by the two as a pair if you're going that route. Just wanted to warn you that the MCD1000 is a CD only player.
Emile: If the X-01 has a firewire output I don't know it. I'll recheck the manual tonight, but so far as I know only the new three box Esoteric unit has it. M. Gottlieb
Rather to my delight and good forutune, I have indeed found
out the MCD1000 can ONLY transport red book CD.

I have removed my wanted ad on MCD1000 since.

The reply from M. Gottlieb is most thought provoking.
I had not realised that in multi channel listening,
it is the analog inputs to the preamp from the Verdi
that is providing the audio analog signal. Such truth
has confounded me to the fact that I truly know very
little about multi channel audio.
You're right : there's no firewire output on the UX-1,
according to this web site that shows its rear panel :

The UX-3 does have one, but I'm wondering about its compatibility. I do have a combo dCS972/954 and I'm thinking about upgrading to get the firewire outputs/inputs.

Well, since I wrote the above I looked the X-01 over. It has a sealed port, for future output of DSD, according to the manual, and while I don't know what's under there, the fact that the new three box Esoteric units provide firewire connections suggests that the X-01 has been provided with one also. Compatible with the Elgar Plus? Who knows. Very interesting....
It's a little late, but I recently purchased a new pair of WP8s, and also acquired a dCS Purcell & dCS Delius. Thinking about Halcro Amps. How do they sound when paired with the dCS combo?