Does Mcintosh MC75 drive B&W 802D well?

I have a pair vintage Mcintosh MC-75 mono amp. I have a chance to buy B&W 802D speaker. Not sure they can working well together.
Not a good match
B&W 802D sensitivity is 90db. Manufacturer recommended amp power range is 50-500. A 75 watt per channel tube amp will not bring out the best in that speaker.
If the speaker posses a relatively flat impedence curve and doesn't drop below 4 ohms then you should be fine. Of course it still depends on room size, type of music and how loud you play it.

I don't think it proves enough juice. The tonal propeties are probably fine...rolled off highs, but those speakers need more power

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I agree: not enough power. I own MC275 with B&W 804S, a much smaller speaker, and the combination is very good. I know of people using MC275 as mono amps to drive 802D and claim to have very good results, but 75W I guess wouldn't be enough.

Unless of course you look at it as an intermediate step until you get a larger amp.
Can you audition the combination?
You can always try it and if it is not enough upgrade the amps. This of course assumes you like the sonic character of the B&W's and wish to build a system around them.

I used a cj premier 11a (70 wpc) amp to drive a pair of Thiel 3.6's and it did a very good job. The Thiels are known to be a very demanding load with an impedence curve droping into the 2 range and a sensitivity of around 86db.

Ive owned several pairs of MC 75s over the years and never thought they did anything very well(no detail at all),and of course my dislike of the 802D is documented on this forum.If the Mac are a must keep I would venture into vintage Tannoys or similar speakers..for me Id sell the Macs as they will fetch good money,buy a good amp,forget the 802ds and go in another direction