Does matching CDP and receiver brands matter?

I admit, this sort of a back-door way to ask what cd player should I buy. But with a price point of $750 (target price + 50%), I see that I can pick up an Arcam Diva CD92, and it has gotten great reviews. I have the AVR200 receiver, and was wondering if this is something that could make a difference in the sound. My listening is largely jazz, soul, and acoustic rock, in that order, and even with an antique Panasonic MASH-technology changer, I have been very pleased with the sound. Would staying in the same product line offer any advanatages over going with a Music Hall, Jolida, Rega, Linn, or otherwise?
No. Close your eyes, and buy the one that sounds best. There are some companies that offer technology where sticking with that brand has advantages, but this isn't one of theose cases.

Does the Panasonic changer have a digital output? If so, you could try using a digital cable connected from the Panny to the AVR200 and see if the internal digital to analog converter in the receiver is better than the one in the Panny changer.

I have owned Arcam CD players and integrated amps in the past and they are pretty good. I've read very positive reviews of the AVR200. If the price is good, I think the CD92 would be a nice improvement over your current Digital player.

Another good affordable CD player that is not on your list is the Quad 99 CDP (not the regular Quad 99, the "P" makes a huge difference!) It is $1499 list and sells used for aobut $850-$1000.


No. Sometimes yes. But no in your case. It might be a yes with systems designed to work together as a whole (read: Audio Note, or Naim, etc). But in your case, no.