Does Lumin x1 needs a dac ? does a good dac will improve it ?


I have lumin x1 and metronome cd player. Most of the time I hear music by using lumin and tidal and I'm less using my cd player.

I'm a bit confused to decide if i have to add a DAC to my system, will it improve the sound of my lumin or not ? It defiantly will improve the sound of my cd player, but because I'm less using it I'm in a confused situation to decide. 

If it will improve my wonderful lumin sound too This  may convince me to buy a new DAC.

If it's important i have a vivid kaya 45 speakers, i have a CAT JLE 5 amp, lumin X1, metronome cd and Plinius pre 

Thanks for everyone.


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@lordmelton Before i decided to buy my speakers I've listened to quiet a lot of speakers(Magico A1/A3/S1/s3, YG carmel, TD (that are made from wood) , proac, piega coax 711 and more...) and i fall in love with my vivid, so for mean time for the next 5-10 years or more  or less i will try to reach to the maximum ability of my speakers.

Thanks a lot man for all your answers 

@haimr , what is at the output of your Lumin DAC? -- A transformer. Why? To give it a transformer sound, most associated with tube amps. There really is no other reason to use a transformer. You can’t avoid what that transformer is going to do to the signal. Everything else may be state of the art in the unit, but put those transformers in, and it no longer is. I am sure there are lots of pseudo-technical reasons around "best way to achieve balanced output", etc. but they are hardly the only way. Here is the data sheet for the exact transformer:

Unfortunately only a single point distortion measurement. (Note the op-amps in the circuit are usually good for about 0.005% so they are not the main contributors in the test circuit). No matter how good the ESS DACs are, this is the bottle neck.

The transformer is going to give them a house sound, and you may absolutely love it. I hope you do. But I am with @azwill here, when you are in the realm of DACs with a house sound, you are in realm of personal preference and that preference may change on a music by music basis, and possibly other pieces in your system and with the CAT amp it may be too much of the same thing.

You don’t need a new/different DAC, but you may find you prefer a different DAC matched with the CAT for some music.

I think you may own the highest WAF rated floor standers on the market.

Hamir I couldnot disagree with you more.

the terminator with Hermes reclocker,and BNC 45 MHz,and 49Mhz clock sync 

all for $5500 it was much better then the X1 lumen ,throughAurender 200 streamer 

there was much more realism and dynamics ,sorry no Sabre dac ,is better then a very good R2R dac  and for dynamics not even close , just pop the top in the Lumin 

and then check out the Huge Dual -0 core transformers massive capacitance with 

Ultra caps and at least 200 for filtering alone .Anyone looking just physically look at both The Terminator 2  has only been out for 4 months  you probably heard the version 1 , even if you didn’t,as I mentioned  the Hermes Dcc reclocker  total $5500 delivered and weighs 54 lbs together 42 lbs on its own .i have been doing audio 40+ years and owned a Audio store I think I know quality very well ,just compare apples 🍎 to 🍏 .

@audioman58 OK , I  could not disagree with you more too . I'm sure that you understand a lot in comparing and in high end sound according your experience, but for mean time i will try to enjoy my lumin as much as i can. In the future I will consider to make a change and maybe it will be the terminator...

Thanks again for you effort to give me the right answer ...