Does long hair destroy the soundstage?

I have noticed that people with thick long hair covering the ears (often women) do not hear some of the finer aspects of the sound like soundstage, and therefore dont get as much enjoyment from high end systems.
I have checked this out myself once when we were going to a fancy dress party and I was dressed as a rock star with long wig. I have also asked a couple of women to put their hair behind their ears and tell me if it sounds different or better, but that was not as definitive.
Could this be a factor explaining why most people in here are men?
I think that it's obvious that anything over your ears will have an effect on the sound. Having hair over your ears would be expected to muffle the sound.

As for this being related to the demographic of audiophiles, I'd say this is a small factor.

In my opinion, a significant part of the audiophile "bug" is related to the enjoyment of having and tinkering with the equipment. How many women do you know that truly enjoy tinkering with electronics. For them it's significanlty more about the music and, in my opinion, when it's all about the music the system isn't nearly as important. As always there are exceptions, but swapping expensive speaker cables for a minor difference in sound isn't evidence of a listening being all about the music.
I remember when I had my ears cleaned and they had to cut all the hairs back home listened to music and OMG. I had planned on upgrading my radio shack speakers but no need.

Hope that answers everyones questions.
HA HAH HAH HAH ........
"Could this be a factor explaining why most people in here are men?"
The answer is no. That is not the reason.
The reason is this is a obsessive 'technical' hobby, full of technobabble, and not many turnkey solutions. And the ones that are that easy, never would need a place like Audiogon in the first place.
The few women who do wander at most of the audiophile sites are often attacked or insulted, and once bitten, twice shy is a rule for women. Only a few post here much at all, and even fewer, like me, post a lot. So of the tens of thousands of men, and maybe five women who post....
And for most women I advise do NOT use a female or feminine moniker. And do not let on you are a woman. Unless you can kick ass online. Or, use the helpless trick, and never state a strong opinion..

As for the 'finer aspects' of audio listening. i would say it is training which leaves women out of the loop. The average woman is not listening to the same details a guy would. The typical guy thing is loud, with a lot of bass, no women i know want that at home.
Ask married audiophiles and the first thing from the wife is 'Can you turn that down"... LOL And that is for the too much low frequency booming. I hate a lot of low frequency and demand a particularly well done upper frequencies from my stereo.
So men and women just listen differently, and it has little to do with how they wear thier hair. (i have to say this is the most unusal idea!)
If you browse used records in secondhand stores, notice all those easy listening LPs? all of those were from women. Just like "Kenny G" the easy listening Jazz dude, is for women not men. Now some women do like the stuff men like in music, but in general..
Excessive ear hair is actually good for the sound, filtering out any of unpleasant lumpy sounds, making the overall listening experience smoother and more engrossing.
Perhaps it's time to have audiophile ratings for hairstyles. Or better yet, audiophile hair care products.
Full Spectrum Shampoo - $248.00 / 12 oz..
High Frequency Taming Conditioner - $248.00 / 12oz..
Each product could also be sent back to the manufacturer, and upgraded to the "SE" formula for only $124.00 plus shipping.
I heard machina Dynamica will be coming up with a wig for audiophiles shortly. It will be one of their most brilliant innovations! The chicks will love it too!
Don King haircuts for everyone!!!!!!!!!....Hilarious post.
Could a small scissors be the ultimate tweak?

Do any of you notice
the sound is much worse shortly after a hot shower? I think the eardrums are soggy from the steam and hot water.
I notice that, when I listen without my shirt on, my chest hair causes a hole in the center of the soundstage. Et tu Elizabeth.
Hmm I better check how my stereo sounds with.. or without a bra.
All audiophiles, men and women, should either have a shaved head or at least a flat top!
If you have long hair, obviously you're not an audiophile. With long hair your $10,000 ICs sound just like $5000 cables.
Viridian, I used to have that same problem with my chest hair. When I asked my stylist she suggested either a wax job, or a tuned beard. I went with the beard option, and my soundstage is better than ever.

hahaha this is so funny. u r insulting PMC speakers designer Peter Thomas. Look at the length of his hair..
Whaddabout Sideburns?

Think about it. They're right there in front of the ears. I've often suspected that they had a lot to do with the changes from early Elvis to late Elvis music.

I have left the building.
Think of sideburns as filters! Only you can decide if you need them or not.
Well, at least now I know how to respond when people ask me why I wear my hair short! All in the service of the music muse.
I've read for years about removing one's glasses when listening and I swear it makes a difference...and please, no glass coffee tables.
And Elizabeth, regarding the bra, well depends on the cup size now doesn't it?
Audiowoman, I'm not going there. 8^)
smart man!
My father in law has crazy ear hair, like you read about, and he loves to listen to system changes. Maybe he would hear all the way to the generating station if I machete that forest!
Cup size and age. Without i am sagging down to..... ahh skip that.
Er hey Liz doesnt KennyG have long hair.
Elizabeth and Audiowoman,

Your posts regarding the bra reminded me of something I found humorous the other day; I laughed out loud when I read it!

At my age, going braless pulls the wrinkles out of my face! :o)

Eye glasses also have a negative effect on soundstage and inner details.

I can also understand how cup size can effect a man's hearing, you can't think clearly when all of your blood rushes to your lap .
Only if it's inside your ears. Ear and Nose 2 in 1 trimmer is one of the common tweaks for that.
The consensus is to get a haircut to hear the soundstage, but its rumoured that you dont have the strength to move your speakers to tune the soundstage once its cut.... catch 22 ?
Grills do more to destroy soundstage then anything else, but most people use them. You figure.

I leave my grill outside. I have a feeling the sound would be veiled like listening through a curtain of smoke. Weber should have a disclaimer
Could possibly play a role.

On a somewhat related topic, a reason why one system sounds great to someone, but "bright" or "dark", etc, to someone else is the difference between resonant frequencies of their respective middle ears and ossicles. Close but not identicle b/w people; we all have our own built in EQ that isn't like everyone elses. Combine that with the contribution of the shape variance in our auricles and hair on top of that, there is likely a difference

Happy holiday weekend everyone
I sell custom Q-tips at $50 a pair so besides the long hair issue, you will hear much better after you buy these from me. I also accept Paypal with no extra fees and free shipping!

Happy Listening.
Explains why metal is so loud and they're shaking their heads around.
I would suspect the majority of the benefit from removing one's glasses is that if you can't see very well to look around the room you'll be forced to focus more on the music. Ever close your eyes while listening?

As for Kenny G, who said he was an audiophile? It was simply stated that his music is geared more for women than men.

I generally prefer the sound of my speakers with the grills on, but Focals expose the tweeter above the grills. I did prefer the grills off on my previous speakers where the tweeter was covered.

I really like the strength to hair length reference, great! If it's true I should be bald.
The only time long hair will have an adverse affect on the ability to hear inner detail and soundstaging is if the hair is growing out of your ears.

The truth is most women have better hearing than men. They just have more important things to do with their time.
New product idea - tuned hair extensions for audiophiles. :)
"The truth is most women have better hearing than men. They just have more important things to do with their time"

Yeah right, like fuss with their hair.
It's all about priorities.
Pulled back or loose and free, my hair causes absolutely no problems with my hearing. This is pretty stupid guys.
With much love for Gilda.

Emily : What's all this fuss about hare over ones ears,
Cheddar Cheese ?

It's not like people actually put hare in their ear, nose or eyes !
How could it have any impact outside?
What do you have against rabbit type critters anyways, Mike 60?
You probably have one on a keychain! Dyed green!
Be nice.
They are endangered feces.
Can we talk about all the fuss about violins on television instead?

Chevy Chase: That's "hair" Miss Litella.

Emily: Never mind.
What a silly thread.
Who really cares?
Grown men named Billy will destroy a stage quicker than fair maiden fury freaks.