does levinson discontinue 33/31.5/37/30.6/360S

the ML web site indicates that they have discontinued quite a number of models. inc most of the reference models. what is their plan?
what is their reference model now?
I beleive they are in the process of revealing new products. A new preamp 320S is due out soon. Also, expect to see a new transport with CD|SACD|DVD-A capabilities built to ML excellent standards. New HT amps are also going tobe introduced (3 channel). I just hope that customer service stays and they do not start to use cheaper parts to cut costs to stay competitive with mid fi stuff. Now is the best time to get a used 380S, 360S, 334, 335, 336 etc.The price may stabilize once evryone has gone through upgrading--and it is possible that the classic stuff may increase in value if a shortage apears.
As an owner of a Levinson Reference System (3x No.33s, No. 31.5, No. 30.6, No. 32), 2x No. 33Hs, and a No. 390s, I call into question the future of ML/HSG Given the following:

- HSG's service organization, supposedly working with Engineering, has, in the last five months, been unable to identify and resolve a power controller problem with two of my No. 33s

- all reference products, except the No. 32, have been moved to "legacy" status without even hints of replacements.

- no products have been manufactured in over a year and a firm date as to when production will resume has yet to be set (most companies would consider this suicide).

Given the above, they have been losing countless existing and would-be customers, and dealers have been dropping HSG from their line in droves. How is one to sell/buy products they can't get unless they are used?

It almost seems as if Harman International wants to kill off their high-end product lines.