Does Lamm L1 sounds as sweet as Lamm LL2 ???

Hello everybody,

I know very well the Lamm LL2, and I love its sound that I appreciate it to be a litte bit tubey (in the good way it can be understood).

I don't know the Lamm L1 at all (never heard it), but I've read everywhere it was comparable to LL2 and L2. But I've noticed that L1 doesn't use tubes in the signal path (just for power regulation).

I'm proposed today to buy a Lamm L1. But because of the lack of tubes through the signal, I'm a little affraid it has a too much solid-state sound, and hasn't the same sweetness and warm than his little brother the LL2.

Does someone here has the opportunity to listen to the both?

What were the differences ?
Does the L1 sounds like the LL2 ?
Or on the contrary, does it sounds more like solid-state stuff ?

Thank you all very much for your help,
Best regards,
Steve, I thought you said in another recent post you were buying an LS-5? What gives?

Since no one else has posted yet, I'll post some analogous impressions. I have not listened to an L1 at any length, but have listened to its successor, the L2 (which I almost bought) and the LL2 extensively. While the L2 is, like the L1, solid state in the signal path, it does not sound like solid state at all, it sounds like music. Compared to the LL2, it does not have the slight bass fullness of the tubed unit, so the bass is actually more extended even though you might think you're getting more bass out of the LL2. And it is a much more resolving unit--more low level detail. And the highs and dynamics are smoother, with less distortion. All in all, it is a more refined version of the LL2, with a similar overall sonic character. Once I listened to the L2, I didn't want to buy the LL2, even though I am a tube guy. I don't know the difference between the L1 and L2, though--perhaps some of the reviews on the Lamm website can describe those differences for you. Most of the changes in Lamm units seem to have been evolutionary rather than radical, if my experience between the ML1 and 1.1 amps is any indication. Hope this is of some help.
I went from the LL2 to the L2 preamp and I agree with Rcprince's observation of the differences. I also have not heard the L1 to compare with the L2. I believe there are some reviews on Soundstage of each that may be usefull in comparing. If I recall they said the L2 had a similar sonic signature to the L1 but with improvements. I am very happy with the sound of the L2 and it does not sound solid state to me at all.
Sorry guys for my delay to respond, but I got computer problems.....
At first, thanxs you a lot for your help.


Yes, you're totally right, I was about to buy an ARC LS5 preamp. But three things happen :

- at first, I've listened to the LS5 - not in my system - however with my Pass Aleph 0 amplifier, a total DCS source system, and very big JBL speakers. I found the whole thing really good. I mean technically very good, in term of space, 3D, air beetween musicians, and rapidity. But I don't find it to be relaxing, it was actually stressing and tiring.
I don't know : perhaps the dcs (many people said me it was a stressing system), perhaps the cables, perhaps the big JBL.
Whatever it was, the system hadn't the warmth, the softness and the relaxing stuff I am looking for with a tube preamp, so my opinion on the LS5 is quite relative (but that's true I should have done a listening in my own system to get a clear idea).

- at second, many friends finally discourage me to take a full-symetric system. That't true that, as good as the LS5 is, it will nevertheless obliges me, in the future, to get a dvd player with symetric outputs, a turntable with symetric outputs, event a cd player with symetric poutputs since mine don't have.
So, I've decided that it wasn't necessary a good idea for me to get a LS5.
Many people said me that I could take a comparable sound in getting an ARC LS25 mk1, that has RCA inputs. Many others said the LS5 was the best ARC has never made, and that ARC new products (that is the ls25) were not so good, so I don't know.....

- at third, I dream for a long time of a Lamm system, that I found it to be exactly what I am looking for : just warm as it has to be, soft and relaxing listening, yeahhhhh : really good, very musical and plesant to listen to.
So what was I looking for a LS5 ? Just because Lamm products are very rare here in France, so that you can not seriously consider to find one a day (I mean on the used market).
But the miracle happen few days ago, and I'm proposed today with a Lamm L1 preamp.

As I said, I'm just a little bit afraid, because I am looking to a tube preamp as the LL2 for example, because each time I listen to something that is plesant to my ears, I've noticed there are tubes inside.
I like the warmth and esay-listening of tubes, I love the humanity they give to voices.

So I love the LL2, that I've listened a lot.
I'm proposed with a L1, that I've never heard, and that has no tubes inside.

But every people said it sounds as the LL2.

Many said it doesn't sounds like a solid-state engine, that's encouraging for me.
But no one says it sound like tube units.

I don't know what to do, and I've no way to listen to one here in France.

> Dmailer

Thanxs for your appreciation, you're one of those who confirm me that it is not sounding like solid-state units, that I don't like.

> All

Thanxs you all for your help,
Have a nice day,
Best regards,
Monsieur Steve,

Don't know if you live in Paris, but I do, and would be happy to let you listen to an L1 in my system if that might help you.

Also, I will most likely upgrade to the Lamm L2 Ref some time soon, so if your deal falls through on the other L1, fear not, mine will become available.

My system for the moment is as follows :

Sources :
Electrocompaniet EMC 1 UP CDP
Wavelength Audio Cosecant USB DAC + Mac portable computer
Sansui TU9900 (Modded) Tuner

Pre amp :
Lamm L1

Power amps :
Lamm M1.1 monoblocks

Speakers :
Verity Audio Parsifal Encore

Interconnects and speaker cables :
Cardas Golden Reference

Power cables :
Shunyata King Cobras for saurces and Pre, PS Audio Lab for power amps

AC Power :
Dedicated line to PS Audio P1200 (powers everything) set to 117 volts/60 hz

Room :
4m X 7m X 2.5m / Diffuser panels where necessary
(only one problem ; "the cars hiss by my window, like the waves down on the beach..." !!!)


only one problem ; "the cars hiss by my window, like the waves down on the beach..." !!!
Good one. I always loved that line. I guess you live in the right city to pay homage. ;-)

T7279mw - I have had the very same problem. I solved it by ordering sound proof windows. It costed me $2500, but it was by far the best mod ever.

Thanks for the advice ::: Actually the place already has double glass (with about 3/8th inch air gap), but I'm now considering adding yet another, really thick layer... if that doesn't do it, I suppose the next step is to just go ahead and board the place up!

Double glassing and sound proofing are two different things. Sound proof glass is constructed from several layers of glass, glued together (like car windshild).
Also, the layers of glass are diffferent thicknesses, in order to have different resonant frequencies (a friend of mine who's an audiophile is in the window business).
Rcprince - correct. That is how my window glass is constructed. In my case Rw (that is the parameter used to describe the noise attenuation of the window) = 44dB.
Thanks again guys :::

I can't help imagining a house using only automotive windshields for the glass (shades of Gaudi...)!!!

I didn't know that the laminated technology is also used in residential architecture.

I should be a bit embarrassed that it didn't occur to me ::: I actually deal with the stuff all the time designing for the auto industry; the company I work for offers cars with laminated glass all around, as well as on the roof, mostly in the interest of acoustic isolation... lots of trouble 'cuz you can't get the stuff to curve in both directions, but it does keep more of the sound out than a single layer of tempered glass ::: Not too long ago in their S Class, Mercedes offered proper double glazing with an air gap (in some cases with a matrix of little transparent spacers) ::: they've since dropped it; as one might imagine, in the end laminated is less expensive and definitely more desirable in a crash. Both solutions utilize glass of varying thickness. Obviously laminated is more convenient; don't know which solution is most effective as an acoustic barrier (I will ask the boyz at work who are supposed to know that sort of thing ::: or the friend of Rprince could probably tell us).

One thing is for sure; hanging an additional layer of laminated glass over the top of my existing traditional double glass, would be better than another layer of normal glass.

Thanks again!