Does Krell mcx series matches Martin Logan Prodigy

Hi all,

Seeking your opinions. I have a pair of Krell 350 mcx amplifiers and would like to know if they go well sonically with Martin Logan Prodigy speakers. I listen mostly to Jazz, electronica, symphonic works and sometimes vocal music. Does this combo sound harsh?

greatly appreciated,
I believe I read that Gayle Sanders, president of ML, uses Krell gear...
u should certainly decide for yourself.. for me the answer was yes.. older 250/350/450m's all sound pretty nice me at least...
I used a Krell FBP300cx with Monoliths- the result was very good
I'm using a krell FPB-200c with Prodigies and the results are fantastic, best sound I've heard, anywhere!
Also might want to listen to the Parasound HALO JC-1's. I have them currently driving my Prodigys and it is by far the best sound that I've been able to obtain.

I was also told that Martin Logan uses these as their current "reference" amps at their factory.
I use the 350mcx on clsIIz with all Valhalla cabling. I think it is a tougher load than the Prodigy. Works just fine. Nice bass.