does Krell KRC-3 power turn off?

I find no power button. The manual
doesn't say. It mentions plugging it in, and "turn[ing] the volume control fully counterclockwise to the off position" (p.5)(but part of it's top still gets quite warm, so it must still be using electricity).

Do I really need to deny it power to turn it off? (If so, I guess I'll either unplug, or...any suggestions for a audiophile grade switch I can put between it's power cord and it's outlet?)
It's meant to stay on all the time. You can plug it into a power strip or power conditioner and use it's power switch if you need to turn it off. I would leave it on and unplug it if leaving home for an extended period.
interesting, thank you. I wish my power conditioner or power strip had an off switch.

is there some benefit to making it "to stay on all the time"?
It keeps it warmed up. It uses little power. You can get a power strip with an on/off switch and plug it into your power conditioner.
I suggest just leave it on ... A preamp draws low current but depending on the power strip, it could have a negative effect on the sound quality.