Does Krell Kav 250 & 300 cd players play cdr&cdrw

I am looking to buy a used krell kav 250 or 300 cd player, there is no longer info on them at krell websight, I would like to know if either plays cdr or cdrw, my other option would be a classe cd player, thanks all
I have a Krell KAV-250cd, and it does not play CDRs or CDRWs. It is quite selective and recognizes copies from originals. I have tried several brands of CDRs, and so far have found none to work on the 250. Hope this helps.
I own a Krell 300cd. It plays all cdr and cdrw perfectly. (Imation, Sony, Memorex, Ritek, Hival, and something that starts with a K-??) In all AB comparisons with the originals including HDCD from RR none of my seven listeners could tell a difference. (related equipment: Pass X-350 amp and x-1 pre, Krell integrated 300i, Revel F30 loudspeakers, cara 2.1 and sonex).