Does Jeff Tweedy sound like Ray Davies?

Am I the only person that thinks that Jeff Tweedy's singing voice is very similar to Ray Davies'? My wife disagrees with me so we haven't spoken in weeks.
My wife disagrees with me so we haven't spoken in weeks.

Regardless of the Audiogon community "vote" you have already made me to laugh out loud this morning. Fortunately your disagreement wasn't on a more serious topic, we might be reading about you in the paper :^).
I'm a big fan of both of them, and I never really noticed a similarity. Certainly, they operate within the same limited range (which is not meant as a knock on them) but I would say that, besides the obvious difference - the accents - Ray's voice is much more silky smooth, where Jeff's is more gruff. Both use their instrument to great effect.

Now go talk to your wife.

L-O-L-A, Tweedy? No, I'm in agreement with your wife.
I've always thought that Wilco, at times. sounded a lot like the Kinks.
I think Tweedy spent a lot of his youth listening to them.

I never noticed a similarity in their voices, but I may have to revisit some of their records and take a listen. I'm a big fan of Ray Davies. One of the very best songwriters of his generation, perhaps ever. I'm desperately hoping for a Kinks reunion sometime in the next century. :)
Easy, You are wrong and I'm not speaking...
Apart from the Atlantic
Not really, but I've always thought David Lowrey of Camper van and Cracker sounds like and sometimes writes a bit like Ray Davies. Anyone hear that?
I love Cracker and Camper (the new Camper album, "Roman Times," is great, BTW). I never heard the similarity in Lowery and Davies' voices, but I may have to listen more carefully. Their songwriting style is kinda similar, though. Both have a very wry, cracked view of the world, and that attitude comes through in their lyrics. One of my favorite Lowery lines comes from "Teenage Angst": "What we need now is another folksinger/Like I need a hole in my head." That always cracks me up, though he has a ton of other great lines, as well.
Jeff tweedy sounds like jeff tweedy. Ray davies sounds like Ray davies.
Thanks guys...

I love being right.

So much so that I actually signed up as a member. I know easy_e is going to love that! ha ha

On the same note... Personally I firmly believe that Nora Jones completely rips off Phoebe Snow... but my husband doesn't get it. I can't figure out why no one has picked up on that... other than the fact that nobody knows Phoebe Snow. So if you have any old Ms. Snow, break it out, take a listen. & tell me I'm right... xo
Welcome aboard, The_wife_factor,
We should all have wives (or husbands) that are so passionate about music...
Cheers, and rock on. Grab some Kinks SACD re-releases and stick it to him! I recommend "Sleepwalker". I can't get enough of it.

No, it's so true!  Why don't people hear this?!!!!  Until now I had never heard anyone say this and I felt so alone . . . 
I don’t hear it, but I have thought that Tweedy sounds like Paul Westerberg at times.
@easy_e,   I have a Wilco soundboard recording of them covering Waterloo Sunset. Would that help you & your wife resolve the debate? This was part of the Solid Sound Festival 2013 "All Covers - All Requests" show MCed by John Hodgeman. Lucious joined Wilco on stage for background vocals. 

@snackeyp In Tweedy's first book he goes into detail about how the Replacements were a favorite and big influence of his, so the Westerberg reference sorta makes sense. Cheers,