Does JBL get a bad rap?

For years, all one heard regarding almost any JBL product, especially vintage consumer grade products was that they were all boom(bass) and sizzle( highs). I feel this is an unfair generalization. Surprisingly, I find much of their budget minded gear(80s-90s) actually soft in the treble and very non-fatiguing(titanium laminate tweeters). I also have experienced the L100T and found them fairly well balanced and nuetral. The midrange does lack some realism magic especially on vocals but so do other highly touted speakers. In short, I am a little late to the game in regards to the JBL, but as a mainstream maker I am impressed. And that doesn't even take into account their 4xxx studio monitors which are highly regarded. Back me up jbl fans!
You have to hear a well implemented compression driver to comment!
The Array 1400 are a very sophisticated speaker. Paired with a low distortion system upstream they are very musical and real sounding.
The dynamics are secondary to none.
I have had Array 1400s for a couple of years now and they do things right that very few other speakers are capable of doing.
These JBL speakers are underrated!

I agree with everything above. You can say the same for the rest of the JBL Synthesis line, really. And the stuff that will be unveiled in Jan. 2015 will be very nice-and well deserved-additions to the lineup.
Yes, it is satisfying seeing JBL get some respect.

So much of what is perceived as good in the Western audio market is what is talked about in the magazines. And the mags measure respect just like high priced athletes: in terms of the $$ given to them. JBL does not play the game.
Dave_72, what is on the Horizon for JBL that you may know about?, can you share some insight as to what that may be?
Here, check out their facebook page. I believe they have all or most of the models on there.