Does JBL get a bad rap?

For years, all one heard regarding almost any JBL product, especially vintage consumer grade products was that they were all boom(bass) and sizzle( highs). I feel this is an unfair generalization. Surprisingly, I find much of their budget minded gear(80s-90s) actually soft in the treble and very non-fatiguing(titanium laminate tweeters). I also have experienced the L100T and found them fairly well balanced and nuetral. The midrange does lack some realism magic especially on vocals but so do other highly touted speakers. In short, I am a little late to the game in regards to the JBL, but as a mainstream maker I am impressed. And that doesn't even take into account their 4xxx studio monitors which are highly regarded. Back me up jbl fans!
A poster asked "How do JBL top line horn systems like Everest compare to other efforts such as Classic Audio Reproductions, Oswald's Mill, Volti, or Cogent".

Certainly Classic and Volti have great attributes, I don't know the others, best to try to get a serious listen if you are serious about buying.
C'mon Kiddman; I think you, of all, know the "newest &best" JBL horns are a rare class of deep quality and can be bought for a reasonable (discounted) price. If anything I think they're a true bargain, and probably at least as 'musical' as any other speaker, at any price. Jimho.
at times on this thread, most do not want to accept the JBL is one of the BEST speakers in the world!, they want to give them a bad rap when they certainly do not desearve so!