Does JBL get a bad rap?

For years, all one heard regarding almost any JBL product, especially vintage consumer grade products was that they were all boom(bass) and sizzle( highs). I feel this is an unfair generalization. Surprisingly, I find much of their budget minded gear(80s-90s) actually soft in the treble and very non-fatiguing(titanium laminate tweeters). I also have experienced the L100T and found them fairly well balanced and nuetral. The midrange does lack some realism magic especially on vocals but so do other highly touted speakers. In short, I am a little late to the game in regards to the JBL, but as a mainstream maker I am impressed. And that doesn't even take into account their 4xxx studio monitors which are highly regarded. Back me up jbl fans!
Basically. See if you can get a good deal first, and go listen to them as well. You're welcome, and I appreciate that...
Audiolabyrinth, imo the S9800 and S9900 weren't even as good as the previous generation K2's, specifically the M9500. There were some minor issues with the low frequencies but my main issue with them was the lack of tweeter integration. They always stood out when I heard them. The DD67000 is designed and made to be a K2 and for the best since the M9500. I would have them if I didn't own the M9500 and other horns. They're really good!
The 67000 is a lot better than K2. But that does not mean K2 is not good. It's not "all or nothing at all".
The used market for the 66000 here on audiogon looks appealing, the thing is, I do not like the battery scheme for the cross-overs, it would seem if the battery's were half charged this may effect the over all sound?,Dkarmeli, how does the 66000 compaire to the M9500 you are talking about?, Kiddmann, Is it worth it to get a pair of the 66000 speakers on the used market over the K2's and other JBL's that are not the 67000 speakers?, The 66000 used market speakers are more in my budget than the 67000 speakers, do these speakers ever sound bright?, considering that they have 40 khz top range.