Does Jadis Orchestra Ref match with Spendor 3/5R

I recently bought Spendor 3/5R and I am considering the Jadis Orchestra Reference (JOR). Would these two match?
The Jadis is capable of producing incredible sound if it is paired with the right tubes . I would start with EL-34s not the older version's KT-90s.
The impedance of a proper 3/5 should be a tube amps best friend. The one thing I really suggest again is.... stay away from the older KT-90 Orchestra. I never liked the way the amp sounded with them
I finally acquired a Jadis myself it's the DA-60 mine is an older unit, a new one costs too much for mere mortals. It came with a mixture of Russian EL34s. I didn't like that haphazard appearing mix and opted for a tube Guru's advice. I am actually a fairly devoted 6CA7/EL-34 fan. The Guru said that the only tube which has the basic profile of an EL-34 with the snoot to really turn it on was ....A Gold Lion KT-88 reissue. That was it... only that tube would make me happy. I was kind of surprised because I told him I wasn't a KT-88 guy. He said it didn't matter these were the most balanced KT-88s he has heard with a great midrange.
Well you guessed it... he was spot on.
I recommend that you try them if you want the amp to sound really great. If you really want an even greater Jadis sound get the DA-60 or 88S. This amp is a sure keeper. I couldn't find that elusive Nirvana until I got this amp and a pair of Cyber 800 monoblocks which sound incredibly good with 6CA7 true tetrode fat bottles from EH. The trannies on the bigger Jadis are undefeatable. I haven't clipped it yet.
A special acknoledgement to my old friend Joe who introduced me to this incredible amp.
Now all you need is money and the tube Guru for well selected tubes. E-mail me and I can tell you who does a great job selecting the best tubes.
Be warned for current production tubes they are expensive no matter where you get them.

Thanks for you quick reply! Hopefully, the JOR and Spendor 3/5R combination will work just fine. And, I will definitely looking into playing around with different tubes. Any sugguestion on the speaker cables and ICs?