Does it still pay to buy a $3k CD player

? I see many people still interested in spending a fair amount for CD only players. I am particularly speaking of the link regarding the Wadia/Resolution Audio. I know they are great pieces. But, how far off are the Sony's (SACD players) in CD only replay? After spending 3K on hardware,a lot of us would be more comfortable with the investment if we were also able to buy new software, SACD. Which way to go?
It is not far off and in fact I prefer my SCD-1 to the Wadia 7/9 combo that I have had in my system in times past. I have not heard the Resolution 50 thus I cannot comment. Carl Eber who writes quite a bit here is seemingly taken by the playback of the Res 50. I submit that the Sony SCD-1 when broken in plays CD's with the best of them (My reference before the Sony was the Meitner Super Bidat) and when it comes to the SCD-1 I prefered it over the Bidat. Standard CD can not match SACD I don't care if you upsample it to 96 or 192 or 384khz. If the information is not amount of anything will play something that does not exist. I just bought the Groove Note Autumn Leaves SACD by Jacintha. I already owned the 24k gold CD (PCM) version of this disc and the SACD version had my mouth hanging open...IT IS THAT MUCH BETTER THAN CD. Forget the naysayers ride the wave, what do you have to lose anyway. At 3K you still have a superb CD player and SACD capability. Regards, Mike
SACD1 or the cheaper version or SCD777ES will do for the $3k range and this will beat most of the CDP in that price range or much more. Most CD only transports in $5k-10k range do not even match up with the SCD players's transport if you opt go with an outboard DAC.
I will only respond from a non sacd owner, point of view. The early bird always pays for the early conversion. 2nd gen.players may be better and cheaper.By then there may be more titles.Hey if you got to be first on your block go for it.If you have a couple hundred cd's already the cd only sound can be bettered with a used cd player for less money,if you shop audiogon
Your question, of course, can only be answered very subjectively. Anyone who will consider spending $3K on a CD player has a very personal set of audio desires. For me, spending $3K on a CD never much sense, and it makes almost none now. In the next year or so, we are going to see another generation of players hit the market with 96/24 capability, that may also include HDCD. The old 44.1K CD's will be around a long time, but they will be certainly be eclipsed in sound quality by newer recording technologies. Over the past 3 months, I was pondering the same question you posed, and I opted to buy a used Rega Planet CD player for about $575. I'm very pleased with its sound quality, and it will be a fully acceptable unit for the next year or so. You may want to consider the same approach.
If your income is $300000.00 go buy $4000.00 Electrocompaniet EMC 1 or $12000.00 Accuphase 75v.If,however,it is close to $50000.00 then I suggest you get CEC TL5100Z from Audio Advisor for $795.00 and keep it for another 3-4 years.
Hi Joe; It also depends greatly on how old you are and how many CDs you have..... think about it. Good luck. I'm an "old coot" and there's no doubt in my mind. Best of luck. Craig
Joe, if you get one used, then yes. That's what I did, and I want to challenge anyone with an SCD-1 to come by and compare CD playback with my CD50.
Well, no need to visit you Carl, as I've had the Res CD50 here for an extended listen compared to my Sony SCD-1. Did the CD50 as an integrated player into a preamp and CD-direct into my amps balanced (Atma-Sphere M60 MkIIs). The CD50 is a very nice CD player. Rich sound, non-fatiguing. The integral volume control is a nice bonus and it worked smoothly into the amps direct. Bass a little soft, but the midband is excellent. However, the CD50 was not as refined as my fully-broken-in SCD-1 on redbook CDs, and for SACDs, the comparison is of course pointless. People tend to exaggerate differences, if something is a little better compared to something else, then the first is "crap" and the latter "blows it away." Hardly. The CD50 is a very nice player I could easily live with. But the SCD-1 is better. Noticeably better, not a huge amount better. Is the improvement worth the extra $$? Only you can answer that.
Dkuipers, you'll forgive me if I don't take your word for it (I don't have to). The SCD-1 has crappy op amps for the analog output stage, and you didn't mention what power cords and conditioning you used, or why you think adding a linestage to the chain helped "increase resolution" of the SCD-1 when playing CD's (compared to not even having a linestage when using the CD50). I submit that it does not, and feel that you are hearing a system interaction that is pleasing to you. The CD50 is not "warm" or "euphonic" in any way, it's accurate and transparent with more top to bottom coherence than anything with op amps. The CD50 you heard was perhaps an older unit in poor operating condition, alos. Bring your SCD-1 by my system anytime, and you'll hear what I mean....And as for SACD's, when there are more than 5000 titles, then we'll talk on that.