Does it pay to upgrade tubes in power supply of preamp??

Hi- Just got a Canary Audio C1600 preamp= As my title states is there any significant change in sound when upgrading power supply tubes- the tubes are- (1)GZ34, (2) 6V6 and (1) 6SL7
If so any suggestions would be appreciated
The main unit uses 4- 6sn7 tubes- I know there are a ton of 6sn7 examples - has anyone upgraded the tubes in this preamp and if so any suggestions-
Also got the Canary M-350 amps- which use 4-300b per amp and 2- 6sn7's per amp- any thoughts on tube upgrades for these- as 8 300b;s will run a boat load of $$$$- 
thanks and Happy holidays!!
guys thks- Here is what brent is sending per his rec-
GZ34 Sylvania fat bottle USA made 1970s
6V6GT/VT107A RCA made various labels, military stock 1950s
6SL7 RCA red base series 5691

Bopper....unrelated but I just ordered the M600 and the C1800 so I will be interested in your commentary going forward.  I do know that I have asked for the Gold Lion PX 300B tubes for the M600.
In my ARC REF3 I replaced the powerregulatertube by a nos Tungsol 6550 black plate .This was a really great upgrade .All the 6H30P-EB tubes by 6H30P-DR versions , also in the powersupply .
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